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Ninepatch is a group of people who share their experience of life through a 'magazine' that's available in print and online formats. It's also a non-profit organization created to facilitate this sharing.

A"ninepatch" is a square divided into 9 equal parts. This is a common (aesthetically pleasing) quilting pattern. For those interested in more esoteric aspects of numbers, 9 is a powerful, mystical number.

Frances, our editor says:

In 1993 I was reading Sue Bender's first book, Plain and Simple. There she told about learning to make a 'ninepatch' quilting pattern.

"A ninepatch is the simplest quilting pattern ...Place one dark square next to one light square until a grid of nine patches comes together in a tic-tac-toe pattern."
My own life was a journey of dark and light without a scheme... hence, Ninepatch, a pattern to give it order.

Ninepatch uses a quilting theme because the letters, artwork and other items that go into each month's issue are 'stitched together' like the squares of a quilt and held together by the common thread, or theme of spirituality.